Seeder for sowing vegetable seeds Rosta SOM 4/1 (BBA 94 mm)


Seeder for sowing vegetable seeds SOM 4/1 (BBA 94 mm)
(4-rows for motor cultivator) Technical description. Technical description and operating instruction is intend for learning seeder and rules of it operating (using, technical maintains, transportation and storage) by a tractor driver, mechanic and others service staff.Technical description and operating instruction is conclude a short description, peculiarity of construction and main technical data of seeder SOM 4/1 (BBA 94 mm).
Four-row seeder is used for row sowing of vegetable and melon cultures.
Seeder provide row sowing of vegetable seeds. Seeder can be complete with drip line packing and bobbin holder.


Technical description
Aggregate,Hp motor cultivator ??-2?, Zirka
Type Hinge
Recommend speed of moving, km\h 2-3
Type of hanging up radial single-support
Working dimensions, mm  
Width 1040
Height 400
Length 760
Type of sowing unit bush-type
Damage of seeds not more than, % 1,8
Type of ploughshare tipping carinate
Capacity of seeds bunker, dm3 2,0
Type of covering knife lamellar
Depth of sowing seeds, sm 1…5
Distance between rows, mm 200-350
Type of transmission mechanism chain-type
Diameter of slots in the sowing disc, mm 2,2-9 (13 slots.)
Drive driving wheel
Mass, kg 65
It can be completed by request of consumer with the:  
Bobbin holder, unit 1
Device for placing irrigation drip line, unit 2


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