Hand push seeder SOR-1/1 VAS52


The SOR-1/1 manual precision seed drill with the VAS52 (10/3 or 10/5) sowing device is one of the best mechanical seeders on the market, which enables precise, precise sowing of small seeds.
It will prove successful in gardening, thanks to its universal application.
The SOR-1/1 VAS52 seed drill for small seeds is equipped with a coulter and a marker, which are adjustable in terms of the sowing depth.
I recommend this drill for sowing seeds such as:
The VAS52 sowing apparatus has the shape of a cylinder with a diameter of 52mm.
There are two types of VAS52 seeding devices:
VAS52 10/3 - 10 holes with a diameter of 3mm - adjustable depth of holes from 0 to 3mm
VAS52 10/5 - 10 holes with a diameter of 5mm - adjustable depth of holes from 0 to 3mm
VAS52 seeding device
You can buy a seeder in which the VAS52 10/3 or VAS52 10/5 seeding device is mounted.
You can also buy an additional sowing apparatus that you can replace yourself. The selection of the appropriate sowing device and its proper setting to the size of the seeds guarantees precise sowing. Thanks to the point sowing, you will use less seeds, you will not have to stop the vegetables, and the vegetables will be sown at an even spacing, so they will grow even and large.
The manual seed drill for small seeds also offers the possibility of adjusting the seeding pitch by replacing the chain sprocket. The manufacturer has used the 082 bicycle chain in the SOR-1/1 seeder, so you have easy access to the sprockets, which you can buy at a bicycle store.
Manual precision seed drill for seeds SOR-1/1 VAS52 is also produced in the double-line version SOR-1/2 VAS52

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