Hand seeder for small seeded crops SMK-3


SMK-3 seeder is used for row simultaneous sowing small-seeded vegetable crops in greenhouses and in the open ground in 3 rows.


Technical data

The seeder is a built-up module design. Amount of simultaneously operated rows is 3. The seeder’s width is 360 mm.


The seeder consists of 4 sowing device cases with bins of the SMK-1 seeder, put onto general shaft. Sowing hubs of the SMK-1 and SMK-3 seeders has the same design and purposes, but they are not interchangeable because of different spaces between pricks for seeds. Every sowing device has one sowing hub for seeds of radish, carrot, parsley, and it is fixed at lateral pull of the seed. The spaces between devices are equal to 60 mm. Also you can purchase a hub for other cultures, or hub for calibrated seeds of hybrids. To guarantee the reliability of the seeder’s work and accuracy of sowing, the seeder is provided with a brush limiter and a flip-out seed ejector.

Principle of function
The seeder has principles identical to those of the SMK-1 seeder. For setting uniformity of sowing precise adjusting of every sowing device is necessary.


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